A Cold Blooded Rain by T.R. Leton



Along the lines of greats like Mike Hammer or Philip Marlowe – comes Maxwell Floyd, private detective.   Following the format of the hardboiled genre but set in the future (just wait until you read how the police arrive at the scene of the crime) this intriguing story revolves around Max whose private life is a mess, his career is definitely in the dump and he is a terrible alcoholic.  But Max has a gift, great detective skills. Max is lured into a case involving murder of a high society young lady and is required to not only solve the case before the NYPD but do so without their knowledge.

This story offers a complex twisting reveal of the plot with good character development that makes you think it is all going in one direction and then quickly turns the other way.  The reader will struggle to decide if they like Max or think he is a waste of time. The ending leaves you anxious for the next story, in part so that you know what happens to all the characters but also so Max can continue using his skills.  Congrats to the author (T.R. Leton) for a terrific first book!





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