Justifiable Homicide by Jeffrey Warren


This is definitely a 5 star book!   Warren does a tremendous job with his characters who are well developed, believable and fun.  There is a terrific balance between the store line and the private lives of his characters.  The story line flows throughout the entire book with no gaps.  The plot centers around “the War on Drugs” but does so from a completely different aspect – the money and asks the big question; “where is it?”.  Based on actually facts about the war on drugs the story is set in today’s world.  Warren has written the perfect David and Goliath story for the 21st century, you simply can not help but be fascinated by the story.

One point I want to take a stand on.  If you start reading this book and begin to get worried that you do not have the computer knowledge to continue reading DO NOT STOP! I was amazed at how readable this book is and keep in mind that I am not a computer programmer, coder, or QA person – never had a class on computers.  There is quite a bit of conversation about programming, coding, connections, etc and yet it is not only readable but it is understandable and enjoyable. Keep on reading, you will never regret it!

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