A Cross To Bear by Vince Vogel



This has to be one of the top 5 mystery/thriller/suspense books I have ever read.  I can not believe that this is Vince Vogel’s first novel. While reading I kept telling my husband; you absolutely have to read this book.  I even bought the book as a gift for my father for Christmas. This is a must read!
The first few chapters may seem difficult to follow but hang in there because the story gets better and better with each chapter.  We meet Jack Sheridan a washed out, has been cop from Scotland Yard, Alex Goring a MI6 covert assassin and discover that Billy Doyle’s family is somehow involved.  The story begins with a body found crucified to a wooden cross, setting us on a fast track of twists and turns.   At times you are horrified and even downright angry. You will spend time wondering who is the bad guy but maybe the real question is who is the worse guy?   Vogel does such a superb job with his characters; not to mention his descriptions of British settings, that it is easy to visualize each scene. Simply put it is a fabulous read.  

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