Pinnacle Reef by David Getty


Pinnacle Reef is a great story.  4 young men shipwrecked on an Island filled with savages, wild animals and no way off.  Magic, powerful amulets and scary monsters. How can this not be a fun exciting read? The author, David Getty, does an extraordinary job of describing each character, each event and each different setting on the Island.  The vision will become so clear that you will definitely want to see this book turned into a movie but as true book lovers know – do not miss out and wait for the movie. Whether you are a Young Adult reader or Adult it will not matter, this book will catch hold and keep you reading until the very end.

The story begins with Ben telling his nephew and great-nephew about his adventure many years ago, in 1971, when he boarded a freighter ship loaded with medical supplies and auto parts headed for the west coast of Africa.  He knew no one on the ship and yet finds himself shipwrecked on a raft with three other young men trying to survive. Can the 4 trust each other? What skills do they each have to offer? Their goal, survive.

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