The Far Empty by J. Todd Scott




There is nothing like a story about a small west Texas town sheriff to peak my interest in a read and this story is one of the best.  Set in a remote part of west Texas, in the middle of nowhere, but not too far from the border with Mexico, we find a Sheriff who is considered to be the next best thing to God, a deputy that used to be the town’s football hero but now has a bum knee, a deputy strung out on drugs, a missing wife, a high school son, a young Mexican girl whose brother is missing and a girlfriend who can not stand the town.  

Scott, a long time DEA agent, has written an amazing first novel that you will not be able to put down. Hidden within the fictional town of Murfee is a shadowy history of murder, money and drugs.  Sometimes violent, often heart wrenching, this story will keep you anxious to discover how these characters all fit together, what is the common link connecting them, and how the brutality will end.

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