Aunt Bessie Needs by Diana Xarissa

Aunt Bessie Needs

Aunt Bessie Needs is the 14th in the series.  This is a delightful series about Elizabeth Cubbon, an elderly spinster (do not tell her that!) who lives on the Isle of Man and happens to solve murder mysteries.  A British Jessica Fletcher, if you will. The series down plays the murder scene so there is very little violence. These are the epitome of cozy mysteries.

Aunt Bessie got her title from being the person teenagers turn to when they were having difficulties at home.  Aunt Bessie could be trusted to lend an ear, provide biscuits and tea and a safe room for the night. Aunt Bessie has a cottage on the beach, is an avid reader and does not know how to drive.  She walks every day on the beach, rain or shine, and she sprinkles herself with rose dusting powder that reminds her of her one great love that got away.

In this particular book in the series, Aunt Bessie finds that her friend, Laura, needs help.  Laura’s ex-husband has decided to move to the island which leaves Laura terrified because her ex-husband had been very abusive.  Aunt Bessie has developed a close relationship with the head of police due to all her help solving murders and suggests that Laura speak to him about her situation.  Unfortunately a woman is found dead who looks a great deal like Laura. Is this a case of mistaken identity?

If you enjoy cozy mysteries you will never regret reading any of the Aunt Bessie stories.  Grab your tea pot, some biscuits, and snuggle into a big chair for a fun, enjoyable read.

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