Phantom Prey by John Sandford

Phantom Prey

Another book in a series I love!  John Sandford is an amazing writer and the level of suspense is palpable   In yet another page turner, Sandford spins a yarn of political intrigue and crime.  Lucas Davenport is one of the greatest characters ever developed; a cross between a great detective, a geeky gamer and a rugged biker who has his own moral code.  For several years my father and I spoke of him as if he were a person we knew, asking each other what Lucas was up to now.

Needless to say, Lucas Davenport is one of my all time favorites but the plot of this story is a little too close to home right now with the current political climate. If you have no issues with politicians that will do absolutely anything to get elected then you will love this book.  I thought it was great read but just could not stomach the politicians. Lucas’ wit comes out in this book in a fun way and it certainly ends on a happy note.  You will never go wrong with a John Sandford book.

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