Meet Clara Andrews by Lacey London

Meet Clara

And we certainly do meet Clara Andrews.  She is a spunky, fashionable career woman so put on your best stilettos, grab a lipstick, and a cup of coffee when reading this book.  Clara is a shoe designer in an up and coming fashion company. She works hard and has talent. She also has two great friends, Marc and Lianna who stand by her and support her through thick and thin.  Clara is single, not involved with anyone and enjoying her life. Clara lives in London so this is very similar to the Bridget Jones stories.

But romance is in the air when Clara meets not one but two men; a mysterious American man and a very fun barman named George, at about the same time. As in most fairy tales there are twists and turns for both relationships, a tragedy and then a very happy ending.  

Meet Clara Andrews is what I would call the consummate romance beach read.  The pages flyby, you don’t need to think much and it is a modern story of love.

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