Father Figure by James J. Cudney

Father Figure

I read this book in 2 sittings.  It is an easy solid read. Cudney switches back and forth between two major characters, Molly (Mom) and Brianna (daughter).  For Brianna this is a coming of age story where as Molly is forced to deal with her past. Brianna does not know who her father is and Molly refuses to tell her anything, absolutely anything, about her past.  Unfortunately, Brianna can not move forward with her life without knowing who her father is and filling this huge void, and I do mean huge because Molly is not capable of making a decision without the angst of who her father is impacting it.  Having been adopted I can certainly understand the main character being curious about her father but the desperate need for knowledge felt by Brianna seems to be over the top. In the middle of this story another story line exists about Brianna’s sexual preference. Even this can not be determined until she discovers the truth about her father.  Every character in the book is connected – there is no 6 degrees of separation here it is 3 degrees. There is no question that this book will make you think about whether or not honesty is the best policy and how a little knowledge can make a big difference in how decisions are made.

2 thoughts on “Father Figure by James J. Cudney

  1. Hi,

    Many thanks for taking a chance on reading my book, but especially for writing a review and sharing this post. Your last lines meant so much to me. I always want to ask questions that leave a reader thinking more about their own life and how they view the world around them.

    Brianna is definitely on a quest to find her father. Sometimes I wanted to tape her mouth shut, too. She complained a lot, huh? I always love talking with friends or readers about how characters impact them. A character can be annoying, but that’s the point, and so she may not be likable but she could be a realistic portrayal. I wanted her to go on a bit of journey, but she’s also that sorta loose cannon at points. I agree, she is a bit over-the-top for my normal boundaries, too. I wonder if I’d be friends with her! LOL

    I also appreciate you sharing a bit of your own personal experience and relationship to the story. I’m grateful for all your time and input.



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