Captain No Beard Series by Carole P. Roman

Captain No Beard

Pirates!  Arg! I really like this book.  The story is about a little boy who indulges in imaginative play with real and imaginary friends.  It is well written with it not revealing that it is imaginary until Mom knocks on the door. Being a great Mom, she blends into the story and delves into her role in the imaginary play.  There is a frog, a monkey, and a lion that help sail the seas. Captain No Beard is the first book in a children’s series. Roman does a great job of creating a story that will encourage imaginative play and interest in pirates.


Pepper Patience

Captain No Beard gets a parrot!   In this sequel to Captain No Beard we find the whole crew sailing the open seas once again, but this time, Pepper Parrot has joined the group.  Pepper Parrot has a bit of a problem when he does not know how to do something and becomes angry and frustrated. With the help of his shipmates Pepper learns how to manage his frustrations.  Roman has provided a fun way for preschoolers to learn a lesson. The writing is great but the illustrations actually show very little of the story. There are lots of books about pirates and lots of books with lessons in the story but Roman does a terrific job of making both fun and entertaining. Captain No Beard is a series every child should have the opportunity to hear.                     

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