If You Were Me and Lived in…..Ancient Civilizations Series by Carole P. Roman

American West

Carole P Roman has written a series of nonfiction books for school age children that provide insight into life in various places in historical context.  Some are set in ancient times and some just a couple of hundred years ago. There are currently 11 in the ancient civilization series. Each book provides the reader with information about where these civilizations where, what they looked like, what kind of clothing they wore, food they ate, great inventions and who invented them, how they were governed, what toys were popular, the form of government, etc.  Roman has done a terrific job of putting a great deal of information into each book, making it both interesting and fun. In the back of each book is a section on prominent people from that era and a Glossary of terms. Being a huge fan of history, I was excited to read about information I had never known in each of the books I read. Did you know that on the Oregon Trail they churned butter by hanging a pail of milk on the wagon and letting all the bouncing create the butter?   Or that in ancient China only the Emperor could wear yellow? And who knew that in Ancient Greece there was not a word for family, the closest word to family was “oikos” which actually meant household. These are all fabulous non-fiction books that will help to encourage children to read, stay curious about the world around them enjoy learning. Three cheers for Carole P. Roman!

Ancient Greece

Ancient China


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