If You Were Me and Lived in ….Series by Carole P. Roman


Carole P. Roman has written a series of books entitled If You Were Me and Lived in…  The books are a fabulous introduction into our multicultural world! As a former preschool/elementary teacher, I was always looking for quality multicultural books and these are a real find!  For each country that she covers Roman includes things like what you might be named, what you might eat, what you might play with or activities you might do, important people in the country, important places, what monetary unit you would use and where the country and its capital is located.  At the end of each book is a pronunciation/dictionary included. I would love to have the entire set as a way to expand my child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Currently there are more than 20 books in this series of nonfiction children’s books.

I had no idea that the Rubik’s cube was invented in Hungary!  Did you know that mermaids are important in Poland? And I did not know that Turkey has a special day that is celebrated called Children’s day!  I urge you to check these out if you are a parent, relative, or teacher of children.





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