Witches Protection Program By Michael Phillip Cash

Witches Protection

What a fun read!  I was pleased to find that the inside of this book is as good as the outside!  The characters are well developed and believable, the setting is New York City current time frame, and the plot is simple.  There is a covert police unit that protects good witches and tries to keep bad witches in control. Obviously, this is on the down low with very few people knowing about the unit.  Wesley Rockwell gets assigned to this unit after failing miserably in the NYPD. Wesley does not believe any of it and is frustrated, wondering if his career is over. Reporting for duty, Wesley quickly learns that witches are not only real, but that there is a big difference between the good ones and the bad ones.  Cash fills the book with just enough humor and lots of action. A good read that will keep your attention as well as have you rooting for the good witches.

This book has won over 20 awards and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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