The Manton Rempville Murders by Julian Worker

manton murders

Set in Great Britain, this murder mystery follows Inspector Knowles and Inspector Barnes as they work fast to figure out who the murderer is and prevent more people from dying.  Manton Rempville Monastery is the scene of the first murder and is located next door to Manton Rempville Hall. The Inspectors quickly discover that the owners of Manton Rempville Hall are having a weekend party and the victim had just been terminated from their employ.  With several employees and visitors on site, there are plenty of interviews to get done, and lots of forensic evidence to weed through. The fact that an antique sword and dagger have gone missing from their displays cases only makes things worse. A veritable “who Dun-it” along the lines of Agatha Christie, with the appearance that all are lying, many affairs are underway, and every person has a motive.  The interesting thing about Julian Worker’s writing is that the story is told from the Inspectors side providing the reader with an in depth look at the two main characters who are both rather charming and amusing. Knowles and Barnes are two of the most enjoyable detectives to come along in a good while. I am looking forward to reading more about the Inspectors!  #NetGalley

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