Of Demon Kind by Wendy L Anderson

The Demon Kind

I have decided to start this with I Do Not read Fantasy unless my husband begs me or my favorite blogger Jenniereads.com recommends it.  This book was a super surprise! I loved it! I got so into the story that I read it in 2 sittings – and that is only because I started it when I was already exhausted.  Literally from the first page I was hooked. Anderson’s writing is superb. I just cannot believe that this is her first book.

The book begins with a prologue, a battle raging between a horde of demons and human warriors barely up to the task.  The writing was so descriptive, I could completely visualize each passage as I read. I can totally see Lorn, the demon prince, raising himself up to full stature, pulling his shoulders back while his wings slowly emerge from his back to spread forth in a huge display of awe and wonder.  As the story continues, the reader finds all the important elements: a demon prince, a castle, a sorcerer, a princess in distress, and the saga of good versus evil. The story however delves a little deeper with the question, is it possible for evil to produce good?

I do need to put a warning notice.  This book is rated R for its sensuous scenes of love that are beautifully written. I simply would not feel comfortable handing it to my 13 year old and encouraging them to read it.  I did not expect to find the wonderful romance in the middle of a story about a demon prince.

I cannot wait to start Anderson’s second book, Redemption of the Fallen.  Maybe I Do like fantasy!?


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