Is A Worry Worrying You? by Ferida Wolff and Harriet May Savitz

Is a Worry WOrrying You

What if we could give people the tools to deal with “worry” at an early age?  Imagine how much healthier the world would be, how much happier and how adept they would be at problem solving!  This book is a perfect place to start. The authors do a fine job of defining worry and its consequences. Using animals, monsters, rhyming, clever vocabulary and problem solving skills the authors takes the reader through a series of worries and how to solve them.  My favorite part is the suggestion that you “sing monster lullabies until both you and the monster fall asleep”. This is a very creative book.

Nobody wants to see a child scared or fretful.  Helping them deal with issues that worry them can be hard for parents.  This book gives you, the parent or teacher, the information you need as well.  Ideas such as validate the child’s feelings, listen to them, help them name their feelings and provide ideas on how to deal with the issue are all included.  Often using some laughter and imagination helps put things into perspective if not actually providing a solution. This book is developmentally appropriate for children 2 and up.

Make sure you have this for your home library or make it o birthday gift for your child’s friends!   #NetGalley

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