City of Red by Colin A. May

city of red

City of Red is a gripping crime novel about a city that has been overtaken by evil.  The crime rate is so high that people have become numb to the daily dosage of violence and lawlessness. This is a crime novel about complete depravity.  Written in a very unusual manner I enjoyed the style.

There are lots of twists and turns with a surprise ending.  Colin A. May has written about 4 main characters, who are by and large good decent people, who find themselves in a city resembling a living hell.  There are subplots and many support characters that demonstrate the lack of hope and goodwill in the city. The city itself is described as overcast, dirty and run by organized crime. There are homeless every where and tunnels underneath the city filled with unspeakable activities.  Regardless of the weather the temperature there always seems to be hot and steamy. All of this serves to make the reader finish the book thinking that one of the characters is the city itself, a purely evil villain.

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