Clint’s Journey Home: A Cowboy’s Guide to Hope & Freedom From Addiction by Roy Clinton

Clint's Journey Home

This is a novel written about addiction recovery.  It has great value in its explanation of what addiction looks like and how to get help.  It even has a list of resources in the back of the book. Roy Clinton, the author is an addiction recovery therapist and really knows his stuff.  The struggle of knowing whether or not you are an addict is real and Clinton does a terrific job of making it easy to understand. This is not a preachy text, instead Clinton shows how recovery can be a positive life change with his use of character development.  

But what is fascinating about the book is that it is written about a cowboy who is an addict.  A real, Texas, horse riding, cattle herding, modern cowboy whose life is falling apart due to addiction and denial.  You will learn a lot about what a cowboy does and what ranching is like. The long hours, the hard work and all the details that go into managing a huge ranch that to stay current and economically sound has diversified into a cattle, dude, exotic hunting ranch.  

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