The Mercer Street Murder: A Bennett & DeMarko Mystery by Aaron S. Gallagher

Mercer Street Murder

This is the third book in the Bennett & DeMarko mystery series. Harry DeMarko is a retired police officer and Toni Bennett is a retired prostitute, the two of them now work together as private detectives. In this story they are hired by a woman to find out why her father was shot. It was believed that her father was walking down the street and got caught in a drive-by shooting of a mob group at an outdoor cafe. There are several twists and turns (none of which I will reveal) and the story rolls along in a solid flow. Gallagher weaves a tale that involves the mob, the Catholic church, immigrants, prostitutes, the police, the neighbors, and drug dealers.

My favorite part of the book is delving into the lives of the two main characters. Bennett and DeMarko are both well-developed characters that are both fascinating and complex. They both have a code of conduct that provides them with with what they need to be successful in the business. With backgrounds on opposite sides of the law it is compelling how their experiences evolve into shared ethics and values. I am always on the lookout for new characters to follow in a series and this fits the bill!

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