Escape to Oakbrook Farm by Hannah Ellis

Escape to Oakbrook Farm

The second in a series (I reviewed the first, The Cottage at Hope Cove back in May), Escape to Oakbrook Farm is once again a delightful romance from author Hannah Ellis.  It starts where the Hope Cove story leaves off with the wedding of Lizzie and Max but this time focuses on Lizzie’s sister, Josie. Unfortunately Josie has had a hard time figuring out what she wants to do with her life but at the wedding she is offered a job at Oakbrook Farm managing the kennels.  

Josie finds life on the farm wonderful, makes friends, grows the business and falls in love.  Everything is great until she receives a job offer for a position that she has always dreamed of and finds herself having to make the hardest decision she will ever have to make.  But, should she? Should she have to make the decision? What does true love look like? Doesn’t true love look like compromise or doing anything for the other person so they are happy?  In reality love is often not easy and Ellis does a great job of demonstrating this with the struggles Josie has as she finally figures out what she truly wants in life.

This book made me smile and made me think about what love really looks like.  I like smiling and I love being pushed to think deeply about matters of the heart.  Cannot wait for the next in the series!

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