A u 79: A Tracker Novel by Anita Dickason


Let me start by saying the Dickason is a veteran police officer of the Dallas, Texas PD.  She has lived it and knows her stuff. This is the second book in the Tracker’s Series. The Trackers are an elite team of FBI agents with over the top skills of seeing and making connections between what looks like random information.  For example what do three old bridges on barely used roads in one state have to do with anything?

In this story an FBI agent is missing and the Trackers are sent to find him.  Seems simple enough but Dickason takes us on a ride that includes multiple crimes, multiple crime fighting agencies, some twists and turns you cannot see coming and it all happens in Texas, and as a native that is just fun.   Having said that about Texas I was really surprised to find out from the book that part of the story is based on facts which adds to the fun.

I don’t see how this would not be a fun read, great for the weekend escape and even though it is second in a series it certainly works as a stand alone novel.  I for one will now read the first but only because I liked this one so much.

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