A Little Sin by Sionnach Wintergreen

A Little Sin

Set in East Texas in 1923, Wintergreen has written a compelling love story at a time when homosexual love was not only illegal, but it could result in death by judgmental neighbors.  The story is well written and researched for a true picture of the area during the early 1920’s. The KKK was popular, blacks and whites were not to be together and homosexuality was forbidden.  The struggle of being different is beautifully and painfully described as we read of the slow beginnings of change in social norms taking place. In the middle of all this a murder occurs: is it racially motivated?  

Self described genderqueer author Wintergreen manages to make several social statements about the cost of being different while solving a murder mystery.  This is a fast paced weekend read that combines many interesting elements, a budding romance, equality and respect for different skin colors, the history of the time period with such occurrences as cross burnings on the front lawn and rather detailed sex scenes.  It is a great read that will make you think, which is always one of my favorite types of books!

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