The Beginner’s Guide to Spouse Removal by Sandra Sperling

The Beginner's Guide to Spouse Removal

When Sandra Sperling emailed me and asked if I would consider reading her book in return for an honest review (see my review policy) I immediately told her that I was all in – I mean, how can you resist the title of the book?  Not to mention that at the time she asked I was rather mad at my husband of 32 years and wondered if she really had any tips I could use. Sperling sent me a copy of the book and I was immediately disappointed – now hang in there before you stop reading.  The book is great – I give it a solid 4 stars. I could not put it down; it is funny and sad at the same time. However, the cover is awful and does not portray the story well at all. The girl on the cover does not look old enough to marry, much less be the mother of twin seniors in high school.  So, no offense to the cover model but with praise to Ms Sperling: ignore the cover and enjoy the read.

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