The Dead Club by Manuel Ruiz

The dead Club

I really liked this book!  Although it is a novel for Young Adults it had just the right amount of humor and thrill to keep me turning pages and being interested.  When you die and go to catch the boat with the Grim Reaper but the Reaper does not show up what happens? Add to this the fact that the kids in the book have all developed some sort of skill related to their death and you get a fun exciting read.  The main character is Grey Gomez who quickly figures out that being in this weird place means trying to get along with all the other “people” he meets. Gray turns out to be a great leader, helping the others in the club figure out why the Underworld is not working the way it should.  

There are of course lessons to be learned: don’t judge a person by their looks, work together, and each person has their own skills.  Then there is the lesson where second chances are important because sometimes our friends (or us) get stuck due to fear and simply can not participate or help out but other times can step right up to the task.  And of course the always true lesson that if you are already dead what is there to be afraid of?

This is a terrific read for all ages (you can always read it to the little ones) and would make a great Halloween treat for kids 4th grade and up.  I love that this is written by a true native Texan who is not only an Indie Author but also has a tremendous imagination!

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