June’s Troubles by A. E. Howe

June's Troubles

This is the 8th book in the Larry Macklin Mysteries.  I have read each one and enjoyed all of them. Larry, a police detective, finally takes a few days vacation along the Florida coast.  Unfortunately if murder occurs right next door when you are a police detective on vacation you end up not being on vacation any more. Larry finds himself deeply involved in a series of murders in a small Florida town, Pelican Island.  There are lots of twists and turns, secrets abound, and the connections do not come together until the end.

One of the things I enjoy about these books is that you see Larry evolve into his own person and his relationship with his father becomes healthier.  Having the characters grow makes them much more real to me. The relationship with his Dad is complicated because his Dad is his boss, the Chief of police.   

These books are the perfect weekend, rainy day or mental health day read.

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