Dark Blue Rising by Nathan Bush


Dark Blue Rising

This is a very short story (45 pages on Kindle) that is best described as an introduction to Nathan Bush’s Foley Chronicles series.  It is actually listed on Amazon as the first book in the series. The series is considered to be Christian Crime Fiction. It is very well written, interesting, and leaves you wanting to read more.  It is perfect if you only have a short time to read.

Jonathan, lead character, his wife Beth, and their 5 year old son Ryan have a pretty perfect life.  Jonathan works as a construction worker foreman and Beth is a homemaker. Unfortunately Jonathan’s boss has slightly  different priorities than Jonathan and expects him to work overtime and on the weekends, which of course causes issues with Beth, who wants Jonathan to be present in Ryan’s life.  Jonathan is feeling pressure from both sides and is struggling with the need to support his family financially and the need to be present for his family. Needless to say he is a little short tempered and criticizes one of the day workers on his construction site.  The story then explodes with intrigue and fear, leading to tragedy. As a result, Jonathan changes his name and becomes a police officer, which leads us into the second book in the series.

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