The Murder at Redmire Hall by J.R. Ellis

Murder at Redmire Hall

If you have been reading my blog posts, you may remember that I read the first in the Yorkshire Murder Mysteries and quite enjoyed it.  This is the third in the series and is easily read as a stand alone novel. DCI Oldroyd is invited to the fabulous Redmire estate to bare witness to a locked room magic trick, specifically to lend legitimacy to the trick.  The current Lord Redmire has also invited his family along with the media to partake in this money making scheme. The trick is such that Lord Redmire is to stand in a room, the door is shut and locked, the door is then opened and Lord Redmire has disappeared, lock it again and he returns.  The trick goes off splendidly, except for the fact that Lord Redmire is now dead. Oldroyd is shocked that a murder has happened practically in front of him and determines that the killer will be caught!

Naturally, every member of the immediate family is considered a suspect and Oh my!, what splendid suspects they make.  DCI Oldroyd overturns all possibilities to find the killer, discovering in the wake of such digging, that each one has a motive for murder, secrets to hide, and skeletons to be revealed.

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