City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

City of Ghosts

This book says that it is written for ages 8-12 but I, being somewhat older, thoroughly enjoyed this book.  The book takes place in Edinburgh Scotland where Cassidy has traveled with her parents. Cassidy’s parents write books about historical places that are haunted and have been hired to do a TV show about places around the world that are haunted. This is the first stop on their tour of the most haunted places in the world.     

Cassidy is not worried about being around ghosts because she drowned a year ago and her best friend, a ghost by the name of Jacob, saved her.  She has the ability now to move back and forth between this world and that world. Jacob and Cassidy are both middle school age. Upon their arrival in Edinburgh, Cassidy discovers that there are ghosts everywhere. One of the ghosts is the Raven in Red, with a chilling legend of luring children to her.  Cassidy soon finds that she is feeling pulled to the ghost of the Raven in Red.

This is a very fun novel for any age.  There is plenty of action and adventure as the story reveals Cassidy’s growing knowledge of her abilities and purpose of still being alive.  City of Ghosts has a perfect balance of scary and funny all rolled into one.

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