Summer at the Old Boathouse by Hannah Ellis

Summer at the Old Boathouse

Hannah Ellis has done it again!  The third novel in the Hope Cove series is even better than the first two!  The saying goes that “the heart loves who the heart loves” and this is certainly true in this novel about three best friends and the summer they spent hanging out at the old Boathouse .  

The book picks up in the middle of the second book (Escape to Oakbrook Farm) with Josie in love with Jack, and her best friend Emily hanging out at Jack’s place of work, the Old Boathouse Bar.  In this story we find out more about Jack and Josie’s relationship from a different perspective, Emily’s. Emily is a very shy author, the opposite of Josie and her outgoing wild personality but the two balance each other well as best friends.  They can share everything with each other and maintain closeness. Emily has a hard time meeting men, dating and is not much of a drinker. Josie is scrambling to find out who she is and what her calling will be while Emily maintains strength and determination to become a published writer.  Spending afternoons on a blanket on the grass under trees by the river at the Boathouse is paradise when you are with your best friend. Soon the three become best friends and eventually Emily falls in love.

Unfortunately, Emily is in love with her best friends boyfriend.  Don’t worry she feels awful about it, but should she? Can we really help who we fall in love with?  

Hannah Ellis is always good for a terrific light weekend read.  She creates great characters that stay with you and romantic but real atmospheres.  There is no way you will not enjoy her books! Although this is the third in the series, it stands well on it’s own.  

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