Wine Comes in Six-Packs by Lisa M. Orban

Wine Comes in Six Packs

I gotta say that I love the title of this book! It is why I decided to read it.  I am not a wine drinker, as a matter of fact these days I don’t drink at all, but I have certainly been there.  This is much more of a memoir than a novel, it is written in first person about the author’s personal experiences.  Orban does a good job starting out with explaining that this is not a factual biography, but her memories and struggles with life.  

Orban’s readers will discover what makes her life readable is what makes all of our lives worth paying attention to, worth sharing, and worth encouraging others.  Life is hard, messy, and full of mistakes, but are they really mistakes or are they bad decisions that we can turn around and make into something really good? Personally, anyone who tells me that they have never wanted to drink a six pack of wine needs an intervention fast, but what matters is what we do after the wine and how we allow ourselves to be open to personal growth.  

This is a fun, sad, uplifting, complicated read that I am glad I did not miss!

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