On Gustavo’s Farm by Dorsey Barger and Gustavo HausBar

On Gustavo's Farm

I am passionate about children’s books.  If you get a child hooked on reading, they have a lifetime of happiness.  This book is one of those books that just makes you happy. The illustrations are fabulous and beautifully painted with love.  The substance is perfect for children of all ages and it has some Spanish words to learn throughout the book.

Gustavo is the goose that lives on a working farm in Austin Texas. The farm is actually located in the city.  They grow amazing vegetables that are sold to restaurants around town. It is a lovely place where anyone can get in touch with nature and buy lucious vegetables as well.  Gustavo “owns” the farm and has dictated this great book about living on a farm to his Mom. He introduces you to all his other animal friends on the farm and talks about what is done on the farm.

I can not say enough about the wonderful book other than buy it!  Share it with any children you know. You will not be disappointed nor will they and when you finish the book, make a plan to go visit Gustavo.  He lives on a little piece of paradise in Austin, Texas.

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