The Celtic Phoenix

Celtic Phoenix

This recently published book by Kim Krisco is a delight to anyone that loves Sherlock Holmes or a good detective story.  His main character is Tessa Wiggins, a worker for the Salvation Army, has opened a home for battered or homeless women. Tessa finds herself drawn into a mystery centered around a girl in her care.  Tessa has crossed paths with Sherlock Holmes previously and knows his skills and habits, thus reaches out to him for help only to discover that he too is connected to the mystery albeit in a different manner.  Holmes has received a package containing a link to Tessa’s missing girl.

If you are interested in Celtic history, legends, etc you will also enjoy the book as it is laced with many of these topics.  The story centers around a legendary cult of women warriors, and those women that still follow them. When a few of these women get confused in their path and choose revenge rather than a more spiritual path, the mystical leader appears to straighten them out and get the women back on track. It is Tessa and Sherlock that must prevent any more killings.

The setting is filled with very old Manor Houses, heavily forested woods and mystics that help out.  The plot sufficiently twists and reconnects to keep one not only interested but leaning forward in their seat.   Between Tessa and Sherlock, the mystery is solved with aplomb. Along the way we see Sherlock being supportive and praising of Tessa in her detective skills.  She is certainly one sharp cookie and delivers the results with flare.

Being a fan of historical fiction and Sherlock Holmes, I thoroughly enjoyed the book and am hoping you do as well!

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