A Fateful Greed by Patrick Kelly

A Fateful Greed

Greed is a terrible thing, one of the seven deadly sins and as such, it does not get much worse.  Patrick Kelly understands this and brings the story to life with his incredibly greedy characters.  The story takes place in Austin, Texas – a city fueled by millennials with wealth beyond measure. As a native Austinite reading of the various settings the characters find themselves in, I find it thrilling and fun to see where they go, but each place has been chosen well for they also display the air of wealth.

Joe Robbins, the main character has moved to Austin to be the CFO of a high-tech company.  He has left behind a solid job and brought his family to Austin to get rich, rich beyond normal understanding.  Joe moves into the core circle of the company with ease, builds relationships with each member and works hard but all is not well within the company.  When one of the young recruits commits suicide at the company ball, Joe begins to realize that greed corrupts all.

This book is an intense ride into the world of greed.  The story has all the normal parts and the tangled webs of secrets and emotions that occur when we have been misled.  This is only the first in a series with Joe Robbins and I am looking forward to reading the second one to find out how Joe’s life comes back after the ordeal he goes through

2 thoughts on “A Fateful Greed by Patrick Kelly

  1. Hi Julia,

    Thank you for thoughtfully reviewing A Fateful Greed. People get themselves into all sorts of bad situations because of greed. It is interesting raw material from which to shape a story. And I’m glad you liked the Austin scenes.

    Here’s a special blog offer: I will give an ebook version of A Fateful Greed to any reader who reaches out and mentions the Julia Picks 1 blog. Contact me on my Facebook page or my website: patrickkellystories.com


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