New Corpse in Town by Lucy Quinn

New Corpse In Town

Cookie James is a retired FBI agent hiding out from a mob boss who wants her dead.  She has changed her name, moved to a tiny island off the East coast with very few people knowing where she is or what she is doing.  Cookie is trying hard to adjust to her new life as co-owner, with her Mother, of a small Bed and Breakfast. Things are really going pretty well until her Mom finds a dead body on the beachfront property of their B&B.  Can Cookie leave the investigation to the sheriff of this small town? Will Cookie rely on her previous FBI partner Hunter for help? Does the hunk of a handyman fixing the porch of the B&B have any connection to the murder and oh, by the way, is he interested in Cookie?  

Lucy Quinn has written a great cozy mystery.  There is action, laughs, a little romance and fun quirky characters in this, the first in a series, about Cookie James.  Great rainy day read!

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