My Pick of the Best in 2018


Regardless of the holiday you are celebrating this is a great time to give books to others.  Here is my selection of the best I have read this year.

I have read over 100 books this year.  Not unusual, but this year it has been a lot of Independent Authors as well as the high profile authors.  As we near the end of the year and Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would take a minute to share my favorite reads of the year.  I have chosen to list these in alphabetical order of the author’s last name rather than by greatness because they are all 5 star reads. I would be shocked if you can not find at least one of these that strikes your fancy!


The Demon Kind by Wendy L Anderson

If you had told me a year ago I would have read a fantasy novel and loved it I would have laughed in your face, but I have now read several and this one is by far the best.  I was stunned at just how good it was. Wendy Anderson does a fantastic job with the characters and setting – I just could not get over how much I visualized the tremendous wings on Lorn.  If you love fantasy read this one.

In the Weeds by Ruthie Robinson

Wow!  I found this read really thought provoking and amazing.  What if the world turned upside down and instead of Black and Hispanics being considered the “weeds” of society, the white people were the lowest of low?  By the way, did I mention that there is one heck of a romance in this book? This book has the potential to change the world if shared and discussed.

The Far Empty by J. Todd Scott

A West Texas Sheriff, high school football star, small town corruption, a confused teenager and a teacher who moved from the big city are the main characters in this incredible first novel from Scott.  This is a real page turner/edge of the seat type of book that stays with you and encourages you to want more. If you can put it down I will be surprised. Great for a modern western hero read.

The Adventures of a Girl Called Bicycle by Christina Uss

This book is for those that love magical worlds, imagination and flights of fancy.  Although it is meant for young adults you must remember that so was Harry Potter. Uss takes you on a fabulous bicycle ride that made me want to buy a bike and ride across the country.  A book about real friendship and belonging.

Justifiable Homicide by Jeffery Warren

Take Lee Child with his character Jack Reacher and mix it with one of John Grisham’s characters and moral ethical topics and you will get this intelligently written book about banking, high tech companies, drug cartels and government policy.  Another ‘can not put it down – I can not wait to read the next one’ books.

I absolutely promise that reading any one of these books will leave you wanting to share with others.  Reading all of them will make your time totally worth while. Happy Holidays and by all means keep on reading!

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