Christmas at the Grange by T. E. Kinsey

Christmas at the Grange

I am a big fan of T. E. Kinsey’s books.  I enjoy the British setting in the early 20th century and am especially fond of the two lead characters; Lady Hardcastle and her maid Florence Armstrong.  These two women are adventurists who stumble onto crimes and solve them by their intelligence. The idea that two women would be so well respected for their brains at this point in history is terrific but in addition to their intellectual talents they each have other skills that add to the fun and excitement of the story.  This particular book is one in a series about the ladies endeavors.

In this novel it is Christmas time in the village in Britain where the ladies live and the air is festive with the season.  They are spending Christmas at home and looking forward to a quiet celebration. Just up the road at the Manor, their good friends the Farley-Stroud family, invite them to Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day celebrations.  It so happens that during the festivities a crime is committed and Lady Hardcastle and Flo are asked to discreetly solve the crime without the help of the local police. The clues abound and amidst the joy of the season, the crime is solved and revealed .  Although there is a crime committed, this is a very fun Christmas caper without murder. A terrific read for the mystery lover during the holiday season.

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