What Happened at the Lake by Phil M Williams

What Happened at the Lake

Alex decides it would be fun to go on a family vacation.  Get the parents, siblings, grand-kids all together for a week on the lake, in a cabin that holds everyone, during summer with swimming, rope swings and boating.  Sounds fun, except that his 16 year old daughter, Kristin, insists on bringing her boyfriend, who you really can not stand and are pretty sure is at minimum a bully.  

So starts the wild ride of a vacation from hell.  Williams does wonders with keeping you on the edge of your seat, calming you down, and then taking you back to a place of fear and anxiety for this family.  Tragedy certainly strikes but who in the world is the bad guy? Suspense remains until the end and a chance for hope is provided. Williams also does a brilliant job saying just enough and leaving the details to the reader’s imagination which I love but mine might be too vivid!  

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