Candy Cane Murder by Joanne Fluke, Laura Levine and Leslie Meier

Candy Cane Murder

Hey, it’s Christmas time so how fun to read Christmas themed mysteries!  This particular book containers three cozy mysteries by well known authors, none of whom I have ever read before.  These are fun, entertaining stories that are definitely quick reads. Perfect for a little relaxing this time of year.  All three stories have a candy cane in them and yes, all three are a bit far fetched, but that seems to me to be part of the charm of the cozy mystery.

The first story had tons of recipes that supported the book.  I imagine that a lot of people enjoy this, to me, it was cute but I am surely not going to make any of them.  If I did not make the orange cake in the Mitford series, then these are not even going to get read. The second story is funny, although a little violent in the end: who wants to get clobbered with a large plastic candy cane?  The third story was the best and most realistic, except for the cat named Prozac.

Basically a good, quick, entertaining read for the season.

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