A Redbird Christmas by Fannie Flagg

Redbird Christmas

This is an older story (2005) about Oswald Campbell, who has been diagnosed with such severe COPD that he has not long to live.  The doctor does however give him a very old brochure for a hotel in Lost River Alabama where his father, also a doctor, would send people with the same problem to see if the good clean air would help the COPD.  Campbell, being an orphan and a divorcee, gets his affairs in order and finds a room to rent in Lost River for the later half of the year.

But Lost River is not a normal place.  It really can hardly be called a town with 109 citizens but it does have a General Store and a Postmistress.  Campbell discovers a world very different from Chicago. A world filled with kindness, acceptance and where miracles happen.  There are some crazy characters but doesn’t that just make the book that much better? The setting is wonderful with the river, the woods, the trees, the quaint little town.  A lovely Christmas read where home is found, kindness shared and miracles happen.

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