Autism in April: A Mother’s Journey During the Tween Years by April J. Lisbon

Autism in April

Autism is a difficult topic.  This book by Dr Lisbon is not a manual, it is not a “how to”, but a sharing of what it is like to have an Autistic child, to be a parent of a child with this special need, to also be an educator with an autistic child and what it is like for her son to be an autistic child.  This book will support and encourage other parents who are desperately trying to raise an autistic child. I also believe that every educator should read this book.

Dr Lisbon shares from a unique place, that of both educator and parent.  She brings to the topic a unique perspective that shows the issues and struggles involved with raising an autistic child.  Having been an educator involved in diagnosing autism in children, I must say that I am thrilled with her insights and comments about working as an advocate for your child.  Everyone knows that parenting is hard work, but Dr Lisbon points out that adding special needs to the mix leaves you with a much bigger equation that is more challenging to solve, even if you are well trained in the subject.

Dr Lisbon makes a point of saying that each child is different, which means that checking off a list of characteristics of autism does not always work well for a diagnosis.  Your child will probably look different than the specific traits listed under Autism or on a check-off list. This statement alone makes the book worth the reading. She speaks frankly about the need to be your child’s advocate and the feelings a parent has while taking on this huge role.  

To be honest, I am hoping that Dr Lisbon writes another book, that she continues to provide this type of support for both educators and parents.  I hope this book will lead to discussions between parents and educators so that everyone becomes better informed about autism and the need for much more research, training, programs and early intervention.  


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