TCM: Christmas in the Movies by Jeremy Arnold

christmas in the movies

I am a Christmas nut.  I absolutely love Christmas and one of the ways in which a person can tell I love Christmas is that I own over 100 Christmas movies.  I have long collected them, from old classics to new releases, from children’s to sing-a-longs, so I am always on the lookout for more.  This book pulls together a list of 30 movies that Jeremy Arnold deems classic and thus worthy of watching them every year. The book is very fun with photos and trivia on each movie.  He also states why he chose it in a section on each movie about the “Christmas Moment” in the movie.

While I own most of the movies, I was still surprised to find a few movies that I had never heard of, like Trail of Robin Hood, I’ll Be Seeing You, and The Man Who Came To Dinner.  I am intrigued and on the hunt for copies to watch and add to my collection! Arnold also provides the reader with information about box office success. Did you know that I’ll Be Seeing You was a huge Box Office hit at the time of release and now we hardly hear of it but It’s A Wonderful Life did not do so well at the Box Office but got 5 Academy Award nominations, didn’t win any and rather disappeared until the 70’s when it began airing on TV each holiday season?  This is a lovely book inside and out, a great gift for anyone that is a film buff or loves Christmas.

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