The Autopsy of Planet Earth by R. J. Eastwood

autopsy of planet earth

R. J. Eastwoods’ science fiction novel The Autopsy of Planet Earth is the overall winner of Best Book for Book Talk Radio!

I am not a huge SciFi fan.  Did not think I would ever read it.   Certainly did not think it held any relevance for me.  Wow, was I wrong! R. J. Eastwood has written a very compelling novel.  It is thought provoking, discussion worthy and hard to forget. The moral, ethical and theological struggles that the characters in this novel face are at times overwhelming, many of them actual issues we are facing (or ignoring) today.

Eastwood’s story begins with the son of a Cuban immigrant becoming the chief of staff for the President of the United States.  Gabriel is educated, charming, intelligent and one of the few people in Washington wanting to work for the people. The story gets moving when an alien is discovered (by the right people who realize there might be something to this) and Gabriel finds himself involved in protecting the alien and getting the alien some face time with the President.

The Alien, Legna, has come to help earth.  The problem is what kind of help and in what manner is the help going to be rendered?  This is where Eastwood shines with his imagination and insight as to the human race and what it is capable of changing, learning, etc  So much to think about and so much to discuss with others! This is a tremendous book for a book group to read!

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