Corktown by Ty Hutchinson


Abby Kane worked for the police in Hong Kong, but when she and her family move to the States, she gets a job with the FBI.  She is a well trained detective with a great track record for solving crimes. She is a recent widow with two step children and a mother-in-law to care for living in San Francisco when she is sent to Detroit to catch a serial killer.  What she finders is a huge cover-up, massive corruption in city government, and local police who are trying to stop her at every move from continuing her investigation.

There are a couple of things that make this book rather unique.  For one, the killer is a married couple who both enjoy killing, which you do not find very often.  The second being that there are a couple of very steamy sex scenes in the book, once that involves the killers in context with their killing.  Do not read this if that is going to upset you. Having said that, this is a well written, interesting and suspenseful novel. I thought that Hutchinson did a good job of developing his characters and just enough with Abby Kane to make you want to read more in the series.

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