Trouble In Mudbug by Jana DeLeon


This is a fun cozy mystery!  The small town of Mudbug is seeing a rash of murders, but who is doing the killing, and for Pete’s sake, why?  In the bayou of Louisiana, not too far from New Orleans, Maryse is living a quiet life studying the plants of the swampy area.  She is definitely on a mission to discover a new treatment for cancer. Her useless, missing husband can not be found, so her attempts to get divorced have all failed.  To top it off, she has one of the worst Mother-n-laws, Helena, you have ever read about.

There are lots of funny witty things in this book.  Maryse’s best friend is a psychic with a store named “Read’em and Reap”.  Helena comes back from the dead to “haunt” Maryse in a pink suit that she would have never worn when alive and while Maryse ends up being stalked and almost killed, she keeps thinking that Luc’s butt is the finest in the world.  The book has a few “oh No!” moments but never gets scary or graphic. The suspense of who the killer is stays that way until the end.

The one frustrating part of the book is the ending.  Now I love series and I know you need a link or a hook to keep the reader reading, but to not solve the biggest question in the book is simple unfair.  I am not going to reveal what that is but it certainly makes reading the second in the series a must! This is a great weekend read, rainy day read or beach book.


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