Maniacal by C. M. Sutter


In this first in a series, Detective Jade Monroe is introduced as a Sheriff for the small fictional town of North Bend in Wisconsin.  Murders seem to be popping up and all of them have the same calling card, a dime. At the scene of each new killing a dime shows up. A connection and a clue for sure, but what in the world does it mean?  

This is a definite page turner.  A perfect book for a rainy day or a beach read.  The story is complete but will leave you wanting to read more about Detective Monroe.  Sutter does a good job of placing clues throughout the book without revealing too much at any given point in the story.  The characters are believable and easily identified with. The significance of the dime is explained which is a huge plus for me.  

Sutter is an Independent Author which means you are not going to see a lot of advertising, but don’t miss out on some solid murder mysteries by ignoring his writing!  

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