Love Fiesta Style: 17 Texas Short Stories by San Antonio Romance Authors

Love Fiesta Style

This is a terrific celebration of San Antonio’s Fiesta!

If you have never been to Fiesta San Antonio located in the heart of Texas you have really missed out!  This event is loaded with great fun, color, dancing and cultural activities. It is a gem of an event for the city and the state.  This book, Love Fiesta Style:17 Texas Short Stories, is a terrific way to introduce yourself to the event or celebrate an event you have participated in before.  Filled with different romance stories centered around the event, the contributing authors are all members of the San Antonio Romance Authors Association who have thrown their hearts into supporting this high point in the year.

From the history of Fiesta San Antonio to stories about the dresses worn by the Duchesses to artists participating in the many booths to the bakers making the amazing pastries sold, this book covers them all.  Cleverly, the book rates each story just like Hot Sauce: mild, medium and hot. They are true to the definition with those rated mild being sweet innocent stories and the hot being steamy sexual stories. Each story shows you a different aspect of Fiesta San Antonio so that the event comes alive for you and you catch the spirit of fun, laughter, culture, music and community.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  All 17 stories are well written and fun with some spicy sex thrown in a few of them.  The stories lifted my spirits and I found myself daydreaming about a beautiful city, the Riverwalk filled with colors, an amazing tradition and cultural celebration.  So buy the book, read the great stories and get to San Antonio for a terrific experience!

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