Death By Drowning by Abigail Keam

Death by Drowning

The second in Abigail Keam’s Josiah Reynolds mystery series picks up where the first one ends, with Josiah recovering from her horrific fall off the cliff.  She is battered and broken, facing a physical struggle to mend that may end up being harder than the loss of her husband. The body of her foe has not been found, so her daughter sets her up in Florida.  Josiah is busy with pain management, physical therapy and bonding with her bodyguard.

Josiah’s good friend Irene asks her to help find out what happened to her nephew, Jamie, who died mysteriously in the river behind Josiah’s home.  The police have ruled it an accident but the circumstances do not ring true to Irene and the rest of Jamie’s family. Josiah agrees to look into it and thus begins the mission.  In her ‘no guts, no glory’ manner, Josiah defies the odds and discovers the truth behind Jamie’s death. Along the way there are secrets, struggles, tears and fear that Keam weaves so well into her writing, but what I like about these richly visual mysteries is that the main characters are the same and with each book they grow to be even more interesting.  There is definitely depth in these books making them even more enjoyable.

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