Death By Bridle: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery by Abigail Keam

Death By Bridle

This the third installment of the Josiah Reynolds murder mystery series.  Although this book can be read as a stand alone novel I am writing the review from the point of having read the first three in order.  At this point, Josiah is pretty much recovered.  She is back home in Kentucky enjoying the beauty of the makeover on The Butterfly and the surrounding land.  The horse stable is full of paying customers and Matt has worked out a path of sustainability for The Butterfly.  All is well until a horrible death occurs in the stables and a small boy is the witness.

To top it all off, there are rumors that the man who has been trying to kill her has been spotted and is definitely not dead.  Josiah and her cluster of close friends pull together to protect the boy, find the killer of the body in the stable, and come face to face with Josiah’s worst enemy.  There is more nervous energy and fear in this book than the first two but it is still a comfortable read with familiar good characters. A great weekend beach read!

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