Officer Elvis: A Darla Cavannah Mystery By Gary Gusick

Officer Elvis

I thought that this book looked like fun and I am happy to report that it was.  I have never been a huge Elvis fan, I like many of his movies and some of his songs, but I have never had any interest in going to Graceland, nor do I own any Elvis memorabilia.  So a read about Elvis impersonators sounded like a fun change. The story takes place in Mississippi where Elvis was born and lived until the age of 12. It begins with a cop who calls himself Officer Elvis and performs an Elvis impersonation routine whenever and wherever he can.  The Elvis part of his life is much more important that being a cop. Unfortunately, after performing at a retirement center, he is killed in a car bombing. The police give the case to Darla Cavannah, a “yankee”, who works for the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. Darla soon discovers that someone is killing Elvis tribute artists.

Who knew that there were lots of different kinds of Elvis Tribute Artists?  Who knew that it was serious business? There is lots of fun trivia about Elvis and Graceland, but the characters are pretty great as well.  This is a wild ride through Mississippi to Graceland, trying to find a serial killer and out why he is killing Elvis tribute artists. This is a great beach read, weekend read, just need a break read and if you are an Elvis fan what could be better than Elvis and a murder mystery?


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