Two Mothers: A Ghost Story Novella by Kris K Loomis

Two Mothers

Terror, horror, and scary could be used to describe this novella, but I am going out on a limb with realistically fearful.  Everyone likes to think that they would never hurt a baby but let’s have a “come to Jesus” reality check! Who among us has not thought we would lose our minds over a baby that does not ever stop crying?  How difficult it is and how little help and understanding is out there, especially for new mothers, makes this story bone chilling.

Anna and her husband always wanted a baby, they tried for years and went through IVF finally, resulting in a healthy baby boy, Preston.  Anna and Preston are moving into a new house, sight unseen, five days before her husband retires from the army. Ana has been living with her in-laws the last few months because Preston is a nonstop crier and she needed the extra help while her husband was far away, wrapping up his military career.  Darlene, the realtor, drops Anna and Preston off at the house, where Anna discovers it is in the middle of nowhere and that the furnished old house needs lots of repairs, not to mention that there are no curtains on the windows. Skip has been recommended by Darlene as a handyman/yardman and Clive, the only neighbor around, stops by to welcome the new family.

Anna quickly realizes that no one will go inside the house and when questioned, no one responds.  What are those strange noises at night, why is the house so cold and how come Preston stops crying when laid in the antique crib? Can Anna make it the fives day until her husband arrives?  Loomis does a good job of keeping the reader alert and anxious. This is a terrific one sitting read!

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